BTN – Year in Review

During Literacy Circles this week you must complete the following activities:

1. Watch the BTN story – Year in Review

2. Comment on this post with the news story from 2014 that you found most interesting and explain why.

3. Create your own news quiz

  • Make a list of news stories from 2014 that were important to you. Visit BtN or CBBC Newsround for news stories for kids.

  • Make a structure for your quiz (instructions page). Include a quiz title, target audience, time frame in which quiz needs to be completed and news themes.
  • Write and design your quiz. Consider including multiple choice, true or false, picture quiz and spelling questions. It is important that your questions are based on news events and themes from 2014. Make it fun, engaging and educational.
  • Give your quiz to your literacy circles group to complete. Provide each group member with a score and correct answers.

Museum Mysteries at the Australian Museum

Today we were very lucky to participate in a video conference with the Australian Museum called Museum Mysteries. We heard about all the different jobs that are needed at the museum, about the different exhibits and a little about the history of the museum too. We got to ask lots of questions and learn so much about how museums collect and gather their specimens.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Complete a SEE, THINK, WONDER and post it below!

CBL – Stereotypes

Last term we explored the big idea of Stereotypes. We wanted to find out if the media and pop culture influenced our opinions of others. Students had to ‘Challenge A Stereotype’ and host a showcase for the community. It was a fantastic night and the students did a brilliant job! Everyone was impressed by the variety of activities and how interactive every stall was! The Junior Genius Team will be putting together a movie showing photos from the showcase. We will post it soon! Over the next week we will be posting different groups solutions for you to look at. The first is by the Supergirls – Charlotte, Josie, Jocelyn, Brie and Holly. Enjoy!

Batman, superman and iron man are what all heroes are like… Right?

This movie shows you that not all heroes are tall, muscular and male.
Most heroes are right here, in your supermarket, park, or even your home.
What do heroes do? Do heroes like their job? Find out by watching!


CBL Peace – RNPS Documentary

As part of our CBL unit on Peace, one group of students decided to create a documentary on why and how our school is a peaceful. They worked hard to learn about how documentaries are made. They wrote a script, made a storyboard and organised times to interview different people in the school. They did a fantastic job!

Well done to Mitch, Ethan J, Chantel & Imogen. We hope you enjoy their movie!




CBL Peace – The Bully Stop Motion Movie


Hi we are the Peaceinator-T-100,

We had the challenge ‘Perform to Promote Peace’. We decided to create a Stop Motion Lego movie about bullying in the hope of teaching people not to bully others.

Our first idea was to create an animation, however we realised we all had different drawing styles and the movie wouldn’t come together nicely. So instead we decided to use Legos to create a Stop Motion Animation. We scripted the main plot but we didn’t script the actual voices because we wanted to see how the video turned out and decide what the characters would naturally say in those situations.

We filmed the introduction bus scene but it was boring because all the backgrounds and props were just drawn by us and they didn’t look interesting. So instead we found images of buses and backgrounds and cut them out to create scenes. This looked much better and more professional so we did this for the other scenes too.

Once we filmed, we recorded the voices and added music.

We are very proud of our movie and it was very interesting to see how animations all come together. We may have had a few disagreements along the way but in the end we all joined together, overcame our differences and completed the task.

We hope you enjoy our movie!

Sam, Sara, Brynn & David 🙂
Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.58.11 am Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.58.30 am Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.58.42 am Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.58.52 am

Art Adventure

On Tuesday we went on an art excursion. We had lots of fun. Both the Grade 5’s and 6’s all went together. It was in the city. It was very interesting because we got to see different parts of the city. First we went to a play called The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly. It was a one man show and it was very funny. The actor was from Ireland and could make lots of sound effects with his voice. Next we went walking to the street art in Hosier Lane and we saw lots of amazing art works. We saw paintings from Mike Mesowski to the Ninja Turtles. It was really colourful and inspiring. While we were there we also saw a fashion shoot happening in the lane way.

Then we went to the National Gallery of Victoria to see artwork and we also got to see the water feature at the entrance. Inside we got to take part in an exhibition where we could use crayons in lots of different ways. It was called Pastello and was heaps of fun. We got to use our heads and feet to draw with crayons. We also got to see the really colourful, fluffy polar bears in the great hall of the museum.

Thank you to Mrs Waddell and Ms Graham for all their hard work organising the event. Another big thank you to the parents who volunteered their time. We think they really enjoyed the day too.

Commonwealth Games Free Verse Poems

Students imagined they were competing in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. They edited photos to create images of themselves as athletes and used them as inspiration. Here are some for you to enjoy!

Poem by Mia

I’m as tough as a brick
As strong as a wall
I hear the crowd
As they cheer and roar

I’ve trained all day
I’ve trained all night
And right this morning
I’ll win the fight

I walk on stage as the lights shine on me
My heart beats, my body leaps
I don’t care what I claim
But I’m here, in the Commonwealth Games

Mia Gym

Poem by Chelle

I wake up ready, ready for the day Ready to run, to run the game away,
My nerves will not get the better of me, I really will definitely not flee.

The starter bell rings, ding ding ding,
It is the enemies ball, but I run, take and fling,

My team has the ball and they shoot, NO!
They will give it another go.

Three quarters in, score forty-five nil,
We are wining by a lot, we have lots of skill.

It is the end, we have run, hooray!
My team lasts another day.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.29.53 PM

Sam’s first published book!

Congratulations to Sam for publishing his first book to the iBooks store.  He worked very hard on writing and editing the story. Download it today!


Little Rexy by S. Gnash

In a dangerous world…

A young T-Rex will embark on a journey,
Through challenges…Forests…
And an epic fight for survival.

Little Rexy.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.11.29 PM

CBL – Peace

This term we are exploring the big idea of Peace through the challenge of ‘Perform to promote peace!’ Our Essential Question is ‘Are we ever at peace?’

This week we have broken up into groups to investigate our Guiding Questions through some very interesting Guiding Activities. This is an important stage in the CBL process because it is when we learn all the information that we need in order to come up with suitable and realistic solutions.

You can see some of our Guiding Questions & Activities here: Peace Guiding Question

We have all been working very hard to complete our activities and to create presentations for the rest of the year level.

Here are some pictures of us working hard 🙂

CBL Peace on PhotoPeach